Diet. A Four Letter Word.

Diet – truly a “four letter” word that we need to considering striking from our vocabulary. Why is the act of “going on a diet” so prolific and popular? Is it because it’s trendy? Or that it’s ever present on covers of magazines promising a “beach body in a week” and “slim down fast” or,  […]

Caffeine Powder – A Lethal Product

Great news! There’s a new word for “crazy” and it’s spelled “C-a-f-f-e-i-n-e P-o-w-d-e-r. Yes, available on the market and online is a powdered form of caffeine. Why? Because the dark stuff brewed from the bean isn’t enough to give your body a charge? In a previous post, I addressed exercising caution when it comes to […]

Fitness Myths…Busted!

Everything on the Internet is true. Right? Oh..wait… 🙂 The advent of the Internet has helped the human race progress in business, media, education, etc. In addition, information is easy to find; a simple Google search can satisfy any curiosity. That being said, the internet is not the only source; magazines, infomercials, books, and celebrity […]

Weight: It’s just a number. Celebrate non-scale victories!

Ah, the bathroom scale – or – it’s more commonly known alias  – the $%#*! 🙂 Why do we get so stuck on what the bathroom scale says? Is it because it’s tangible and quantifiable? Or is it something else? What were to happen if we removed the bathroom scale and started “weighing” ourselves intuitively […]

Made for YOU Fitness

Good day, Well members! I’d like to focus today’s discussion on unique fitness needs, so your participation and responses will be welcomed (as always)! If there is one “golden rule” in the fitness industry it’s this: Always approach each client as the individual he or she is and craft a routine that safely and effectively […]

Dietary Supplements – Exercising Caution

Good day, All! I hope your week is going “Well”. 🙂 On to the day’s topic – dietary supplements. If there is one subject we spend a considerable amount of time discussing in my health and human performance classes, it’s supplement use. It’s interesting…as an undergraduate (many moons ago), I didn’t think much about the […]

Let’s Talk – Cooperative Wellness

As I was navigating my way through my master’s program (what seems like eons ago) and worked diligently to learn and apply the principles of kinesiology and health promotion, I kept having a recurring dream…to this day, I still think about it. It may not be “the answer”, but I think it could serve us […]

Body Image – An Awakening.

Good day, members of The Well! Today, let’s discuss body image. The topic of this post was inspired by one of my students as a result of an article review he presented in class. Some background – I teach an Exercise Science Capstone course (team taught with my esteemed colleague, Sally). The course examines contemporary […]

Hello & Welcome to Be. Live. Stay. Well…

Hello & Welcome to my blog site – referred to as The Well from this point forward. 🙂 Many of my friends and colleagues have encouraged me over the years to start a blog, but I kept thinking writing the occasional article here and there was enough…enough to spread a message…enough to touch a life…enough […]