At a Crossroads: Celestial Alarms

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Sometimes you come to a fork in the road because you’ve created it for yourself; sometimes the fork is created for you. In lieu of focusing this next post on health, wellness, nutrition, etc., I am making the focus on “the fork in the road” and the decisions we all must face at some point […]

Fitness Myths…Busted!

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Everything on the Internet is true. Right? Oh..wait… 🙂 The advent of the Internet has helped the human race progress in business, media, education, etc. In addition, information is easy to find; a simple Google search can satisfy any curiosity. That being said, the internet is not the only source; magazines, infomercials, books, and celebrity […]

Hello & Welcome to Be. Live. Stay. Well…

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Hello & Welcome to my blog site – referred to as The Well from this point forward. 🙂 Many of my friends and colleagues have encouraged me over the years to start a blog, but I kept thinking writing the occasional article here and there was enough…enough to spread a message…enough to touch a life…enough […]


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