A Resource for Fitness Tracker Reviews

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Hello, faithful blog followers! I hope you’re enjoying this summer day! I wanted to take a minute to provide you with a resource if you are looking for information on the quality of different fitness trackers. There are a ton of quality as well as questionable fitness products on the market today. And, it gets […]

Top 10 Sneaky Ways to Fit in Fitness During the Day

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Days get crazy – even if we start them with the best of intentions and a “plan” to attack the to-do list. Trust me, I get it. I have roughly 10-12 articles due a month for various organizations and sometimes I even need to remind myself to get up every 90 minutes and move. Given […]

Spring Clean the Workout Routine

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Happy March, All! Thanks for your continued readership and loyalty to this blog. I took the last two weeks as a sabbatical from Be Live Stay Well to do some self-healing. Last month marked the three-year anniversary of my father’s unexpected and untimely passing. I needed that time to process and continue to honor the […]

Goal: Lose Weight; Solution: Keep the Heart Rate Low

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If the title of this post sounds preposterous, trust your instincts! But now that I have your attention, let’s explore the real science behind this myth. The truth: at rest and during low-intensity activity when oxygen supply matches oxygen demand the body primarily utilizes fats for fuel. So while you drive a car, listen to […]

Flex Your Muscle

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Get. Your. Lift. On! Strength training is a common practice among many recreational athletes.  But for some individuals, the concept of strength training remains a mystery and the very idea of engaging in such an activity sends them swiftly running in the other direction.  The truth: including strength training as part of a lifestyle is one […]

Sitting – A Different Kind of Addiction

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Here’s a question to ponder… Heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are cited as the world’s leading causes of death – in that order (CDC, 2007). All of those diseases can be linked to sedentary behavior. So, is the real culprit and leading cause of death too much sitting? Perhaps not officially identified as such […]

Made for YOU Fitness

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Good day, Well members! I’d like to focus today’s discussion on unique fitness needs, so your participation and responses will be welcomed (as always)! If there is one “golden rule” in the fitness industry it’s this: Always approach each client as the individual he or she is and craft a routine that safely and effectively […]


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