Diet. A Four Letter Word.

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Diet – truly a “four letter” word that we need to considering striking from our vocabulary. Why is the act of “going on a diet” so prolific and popular? Is it because it’s trendy? Or that it’s ever present on covers of magazines promising a “beach body in a week” and “slim down fast” or,  […]

Caffeine Powder – A Lethal Product

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Great news! There’s a new word for “crazy” and it’s spelled “C-a-f-f-e-i-n-e P-o-w-d-e-r. Yes, available on the market and online is a powdered form of caffeine. Why? Because the dark stuff brewed from the bean isn’t enough to give your body a charge? In a previous post, I addressed exercising caution when it comes to […]

Dietary Supplements – Exercising Caution

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Good day, All! I hope your week is going “Well”. 🙂 On to the day’s topic – dietary supplements. If there is one subject we spend a considerable amount of time discussing in my health and human performance classes, it’s supplement use. It’s interesting…as an undergraduate (many moons ago), I didn’t think much about the […]

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