Giving Thanks for The Energy of the Season

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The Thankful Season Thanksgiving is around the corner and instead of doing the usual “healthy tips” post, I want to spread a different, less tangible, message – one of energy and light. Energy – What goes out comes back As you all know, I’m a scientist by nature and by education and by profession. Laws of energy […]

Mind Strong: Conscious Reframing

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#MindStrong: Silencing Negative Nancy Years of being a fitness and health professional and educator have taught me this – there is no clear, one-size-fits all explanation as to why some individuals engage in healthy behaviors while others do not. In other words, there is a significant amount we don’t yet know about the human psyche and […]

Mental Health Awareness: A Pledge to Remove the Stigma

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As I sat down to finish a draft of my next post for BeLiveStay Well, my mind wandered…I couldn’t stay focused or keep a thought in my head. While this isn’t uncommon for a mom with a toddler, this cognitive drift felt different…feels different…is different. I took my own advice and quietly reflected. I soon […]


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