The 411 on Fitness Apps

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Hello Be, Live, Stay Well friends! This post is special as it marks the first of many (I hope) guest blogger posts. This one is by my friend and former colleague, Keri Dedeo. Her bio and link to her personal site are included. Please enjoy this entry – it’s beautiful and honest, just like Keri! Thanks […]

Detox Diets – Help or Hype?

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The Detox Diet If you Google “detox diet”, you will come across a thousand different definitions and variations. To break it down to the common denominators, most include some element of the following: fasting, increased water intake, restricted caloric consumption and often, but not always, a recommendation to consume specific supplements (herbs, laxatives, etc.). Most […]

Sitting – A Different Kind of Addiction

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Here’s a question to ponder… Heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are cited as the world’s leading causes of death – in that order (CDC, 2007). All of those diseases can be linked to sedentary behavior. So, is the real culprit and leading cause of death too much sitting? Perhaps not officially identified as such […]


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