My Family’s Top 5 Healthy Habits

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Research has consistently demonstrated that habits created in childhood are often carried on through adolescence and adulthood. What we teach our children – even at the earliest of ages – follows them for a lifetime. This is just one of the many reasons to establish healthy habits and make them part of your family traditions. […]

Fall Fitness Fun

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Fall into Fitness Ahhh…fall; it’s my favorite color! There’s something magical about the changing colors, the crisp morning air, and the crunch of leaves under my feet that I find so beautifully refreshing. I feel motivated to make fun changes to my own workout routine as the seasons change. Autumn presents a beautiful time to “fall” in to a […]

Body Image – An Awakening.

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Good day, members of The Well! Today, let’s discuss body image. The topic of this post was inspired by one of my students as a result of an article review he presented in class. Some background – I teach an Exercise Science Capstone course (team taught with my esteemed colleague, Sally). The course examines contemporary […]


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