Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I say “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate” with as much excitement and fervor as real estate agents say “location, location, location.” The topic of hydration is timely as I sit here observing my outside thermometer reading “94 degrees”. So, let’s get to the point.

Some common questions I receive:

  • Do I really need 64 oz of water each day?
  • How much is too much?
  • What do I need to sustain my workouts and how do I know if I’m hydrated “enough”?

All valid and good questions to ponder! The first point I want to emphasize is to let thirst be the guide to your personal water intake needs. Like anything in health, fitness, or life, a one-size fits all approach is short sighted and, quite frankly, erroneous.  (more…)

BBQ – Healthy Business

In case the 90 degree weather didn’t tip you off, it’s summer! Hopefully you are all enjoying long sunny days, empty schoolyards, campfires, parties, and picnics in the park. As is American tradition and culture, we typically like to celebrate the summer season with endless backyard barbeques.

Gatherings of this nature generally involve food and beverages that may not be – let’s say – of the heart healthy variety. This summer, as you partake in the festivities, keep the following tips in mind. In doing so, you will find it is possible to enjoy the celebration and indulge in delicious food without compromising personal health and nutrition goals. (more…)

Goal: Lose Weight; Solution: Keep the Heart Rate Low

If the title of this post sounds preposterous, trust your instincts! But now that I have your attention, let’s explore the real science behind this myth. The truth: at rest and during low-intensity activity when oxygen supply matches oxygen demand the body primarily utilizes fats for fuel. So while you drive a car, listen to music, read a book, type an email, or take a leisurely stroll – your body metabolizes fats to keep you going. This allows the body to preserve the carbohydrate stores (found in the muscle and liver as glycogen) for those more demanding bouts of activity. The problem: this bit of science has been continually misinterpreted and misrepresented to provide unassuming individuals with the recommendation to exercise at a lower heart rate in order to lose weight and burn body fat. This, at best, is exercise quackery. (more…)

Good Carb. Bad Carb. What’s the deal?

Carbohydrates are often demonized and characterized as “the one” that makes weight gain so profound. I’m here to tell you this is not the case and it’s time we take a closer look at the facts before committing to a “bread boycott”.

What are carbs?

molecule-1166570-639x577Carbs are “hydrated carbons” as the name carbohydrate implies; they are sugar compounds made with carbon and water attached. See – nothing scary! Not only do our bodies need carbs for immediate energy, carbs are the only fuel source for the brain and red blood cells (a little science nerdy nerd fact for you in case the dinner table conversation runs out of “energy” – pun totally intended;))


The 411 on Fitness Apps

Hello Be, Live, Stay Well friends! This post is special as it marks the first of many (I hope) guest blogger posts. This one is by my friend and former colleague, Keri Dedeo. Her bio and link to her personal site are included. Please enjoy this entry – it’s beautiful and honest, just like Keri! Thanks for contributing to BLSW.

Bio: Keri De Deo is a writer, editor, teacher, musician, and online educational designer in writing, grammar, and research. She loves technology and finding innovative tools for a happy, healthy life. Keri spends her free time with her husband kayaking, hiking, and walking her two beautiful dogs: Maiya and Lilla. To learn more about Keri, visit her website: http://keridedeo.com!

My Top 5 Fitness Apps

By Keri DeDeo

If you’ve been looking for the perfect fitness app, then you’ve noticed, no doubt, that there are thousands out there. So, how do you know which one works for you? Perhaps I can help.  (more…)

Mind Strong: Conscious Reframing

#MindStrong: Silencing Negative Nancy

Years of being a fitness and health professional and educator have taught me this – there is no clear, one-size-fits all explanation as to why some individuals engage in healthy behaviors while others do not. In other words, there is a significant amount we don’t yet know about the human psyche and what makes it ‘tick’. What we do know is often it is our own negative inner voice, perceptions and beliefs about ourselves, and the individual and collective stressors in our lives that interfere with our ability to achieve a goal – whether it is health-related, career-related, or in some other realm entirely.

I’m just as guilty as everyone else of having negative thoughts. “I’m not tall enough or pretty enough or smart enough or whatever enough to do X.” After having Olyvia, an internal alarm sounded and I realized – I cannot and will not do this to myself. I don’t want my daughter to grow up having her own negative inner voice. I want her to be confident in her abilities, to love herself the way she deserves, and to believe that she is enough of everything to do anything. And – that starts with me helping her build those qualities and modeling that very behavior.

So – how is this done? Conscious reframing of our own inner thoughts and beliefs about ourselves by recognizing our strengths and opportunities (not weaknesses, but opportunities for growth and self-discovery). (more…)


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