Spring Clean the Workout Routine

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Happy March, All! Thanks for your continued readership and loyalty to this blog. I took the last two weeks as a sabbatical from Be Live Stay Well to do some self-healing. Last month marked the three-year anniversary of my father’s unexpected and untimely passing. I needed that time to process and continue to honor the […]

Be a Lady in Red – February is Heart Health Month for Women

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The Color of Courage Red is a power color. It is often associated with bravery, courage, and strength. It is also the color for the month of February, which is nationally recognized as Women’s Heart Month. Red, I’d say, is the appropriate color to help us raise awareness about the number one killer of women. […]

Bringin’ Beef Back – It’s what’s for dinner!

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Beef sometimes gets the shaft. It is often portrayed as an unhealthy option or as a “problem causing food”. Remember the ads in the 80’s and 90’s (yes, I’ve just dated myself…sigh…)? “Where’s the Beef?” This is an important question to ask – where is the beef? Why should we give beef a little more […]

Post Partum Depression: A Courageous Battle

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A dear and sweet friend of mine, Melanie, posted an article on Facebook this week that highlighted the tragic story of a young mom who took her own life after a silent battle with PPD. I haven’t been able to stop that story from being on repeat in my mind…and in my heart. So, I’m […]

Fitness Tech – An Apple Watch Experience

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I’m a fan of fitness technology. As time goes on, technology improves, new discoveries are made, and genius engineering and computer programming professionals find fresh ways to take tech to the next level. Living up to their tagline, Think Different, Apple has once again created something innovative – the Apple watch. As technology goes, the […]

Staying Safe and Active in Winter

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Burrrrrrrr! It’s cold out there. It is true; “Old Man Winter” has landed on the doorstep, but use his arrival to your advantage; shake up the old workout routine with something new and fun! I will admit – I am NOT a fan of outdoor activities. I am not a skier – such an activity accentuates […]

5 Books You Need in Your Personal Health Library & Why

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I love to read a wide variety of books, really. Anything from non-fiction, fiction, mystery/thriller, crime, to – of course – books related to personal health and wellness. Perhaps what fascinates me about books in this subject matter is that they offer a resource for the continuous development of our own understanding of what it […]

Fun with Fitness Technology & Tools

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Setting a goal is the easy part: Identify what is desired. The second step: Get to work achieving it. However, it’s the getting to work part that can be a stumbling block for many. Whether the goal is to start a new DIY project or develop a new skill, tools are excellent resources to help […]

My Family’s Top 5 Healthy Habits

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Research has consistently demonstrated that habits created in childhood are often carried on through adolescence and adulthood. What we teach our children – even at the earliest of ages – follows them for a lifetime. This is just one of the many reasons to establish healthy habits and make them part of your family traditions. […]


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