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Good day, Well members!

I’d like to focus today’s discussion on unique fitness needs, so your participation and responses will be welcomed (as always)!

If there is one “golden rule” in the fitness industry it’s this: Always approach each client as the individual he or she is and craft a routine that safely and effectively meets the client’s needs, goals, preferences. In other words, there’s no “one size fits all” approach in this world. Client’s are rarely “textbook”. Yes, there are certain textbook cases (special populations, risk stratification factors, pregnancy status, etc.) that require us to follow certain standard guidelines. However, this does not mean every pregnant client one has will, can, or should follow the same program. If you’re training the right way, you will always feel as if you’re starting from square 1. This is a good thing!

As a professional, I’m constantly quizzed by colleagues, friends, and students about “what exercises would be right for me?” A question I both LOVE and FEAR. I love it because I love what I do and I love sharing my passion and helping people live their best life. I fear it because the answer is never easy. The best advice is tailored advice. For me (or any health and fitness professional) to provide such advice, a deeper conversation must occur – one that takes in to account what the individual truly hopes to accomplish (the goal), what the individual enjoys (the likes and dislikes), and what unique risk factors (the possible contraindications) may or may not have an impact.

With that said, in absence of opportunities for a one-on-one comprehensive assessment with those of you who are interested, I would still be happy to provide tips, tricks, and/or ideas for quick and convenient workouts.

We all get in a rut – even the professionals. I’m always joking with my hubby that I need to hire my own personal trainer! Haha.

Okay, back to the serious part of this post: part of the purpose of this blog is not just to share knowledge, but to provide ideas for helping each of you live your best life. To do that, I’d like to gather your feedback (this, of course, is assuming anyone is actually following this blog and I’m not aimlessly and fecklessly stringing together different combinations of 26 letters…:)).

Please feel free to comment (or write to me privately) as to what you’d like to see. Do you want to know the best types of exercise for X? Or get a suggestion for a 15 minute calorie blast workout? Something to do in your office on breaks? Convenient at-home options?  Whatever the topic or question – hit me with it. I’ll do all that I can to provide you with that you need.

Until next time…Meet you at the Well.




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